Bicycle Insurance Made Easy as Pie

There are many types of cyclists with very different insurance needs. Accordingly, insurance companies have a many types of policies and it can often be confusing to know what applies to you. Bicycle insurance can be broken down into four main types. There is cycle insurance for:

regular cyclists who commute or ride for leisure;competitive cyclists in either road or mountain bike racing;touring cyclists; and bicycles couriers.

Regular Cycle insurance

There are two main types of cover in a bike insurance policy: (a) theft and damage, and (b) public liability (or third-party cover).

Theft and damage insurance is quite self-explanatory, but can encompass cover for fire, accidental damage and loss and may or may not insure accessories. Often these sorts of policies are far more comprehensive than mere home contents policies, which usually only cover a bike when it is locked indoors at your place of residence (which is not the most common place that a bike is stolen or damaged). This cover can be global or local, may give new for old, and more extensive policies will organise emergency recovery and the hire of a temporary replacement bike.

touring cycle insurancePublic liability insurance covers any damage or injury caused by a cyclist to third parties or their property. Essentially, any cyclist can amass a large amount of costs when in an accident (even when they are not necessarily at fault, but are required to pay a percentage of the damages). This form of insurance acts as a safety net, which covers these costs in the case of any mishap.

Competitive cyclists

Mountain bike riders and racing cyclists can take out dedicated policies that are geared toward protecting them when they compete. Often, regular policies have restrictions on the value of the bike (e.g. maximum £5,000), so these more specialised policies are often geared toward more expensive racing bicycles. In addition, many mountain bike insurance policies focus on special cover for injury and any associated health costs.

Touring cyclists

Touring bicycle insurance policies specialise in emergency evacuation from remote areas and repatriation of a cyclist and their bike. Some policies also have optional cover for theft, damage or loss of luggage.

Bicycle couriers

Bicycle couriers have infamously high rates of injury and, accordingly, pay more for insurance because of their greater risk. In addition, bicycle couriers, like other couriers, can take out goods-in-transit insurance. Obviously, this will cover any clients’ goods which are lost or damaged while in transit.

What next?

Acquiring bike insurance is a quick and easy process. Simply follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Make a list of your specific needs/wants for a policy.

2) Phone various insurance companies and check which policies suit your needs.

3) Compare the various policies and select one.

Gone are the days of expensive classic car insurance

If you have a car that’s manufactured 20 or 25 years back then you should insure your car under classic car insurance. Basically, there is no particular definition of classic cars, but cars that are 20 to 25 years old are known as classic cars. The requirements and car insurance coverage has changed over the past couple of years. This is simply because various new models with high technology are introduced in the market and older cars are now come under the category of vintage cars.

Gone are those days when insuring you classic car was quite difficult due to various restrictions. But now getting insurance policy for your vintage car is quite easy. Earlier, insuring your classic car was a time consuming procedure in which an individual has to give all the details to insurance provider. The organizations were also extremely strict about the make and age of the car, and the model of the car.

classic lamborghini Earlier, the restrictions for this type of coverage involve particular qualifications for age, model, make and type of the classic car. For insuring your classic cars, there were only professional insurance brokers. There are various larger insurance organizations available that take benefit of all cars that fit into the class of previously unique parameters. In comparison to regular car insurance, classic car insurance was quite inexpensive because the utilization of cars was so little. There is a huge competition going on among insurance organizations therefore, the rates are getting lower.

If you are looking to insure your classic car you should keep in mind some points. These points will help you get the best deal. First of all, always try to find a specialist insurer, these insurer are probable to offer better prices as well as help. They provide you the best deal according to your needs and budget. Second of all, recent research has proved that modern car coverage are expensive in comparison to classic car coverage but it is always wise idea to be well informed as well as attentive.

Another important point that can help you acquire the most suitable deal is that when covering your 15 years old car take out a warranted agreed valuation. The car owner and organization covering the classic car fix an agreed value. Both the parties sign an agreement agreeing on the rate and the insurance broker will pay that fixed amount to the car owner if the car is totaled or stolen.